How Can I Help You?

Services offered by Lionheart Counselling

Lionheart Counselling is a practice aiming to provide support to those seeking to work through the challenges and live a meaningful and fulfilled life. I currently work with children aged 3-12 years (and their parents), and adults.

Children Playing

Children (aged 3-12)

I can help with symptoms associated with:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Behavioural challenges

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • ADHD

  • Executive functioning issues

  • Self-esteem concerns

Depending on the age and needs of the child, sessions may be conducted either

  • 1:1 with the child

  • parent consultation only

  • with both parent and child present.

If you're not sure what would be best, this can be discussed when you make an enquiry.

What you can expect from me

I will work with you and your child to understand and explore strategies for the skills that need to be taught. This might look like:

  • Understanding difficulties with behaviour and developing practical strategies to address unhelpful behavioural patterns

  • Emotion coaching – teaching your child to recognise and understand their emotions and what to do with them.

  • Supporting children to develop a toolkit of strategies for the challenges they are facing be that anxiety, difficulties in friendships, communication difficulties or challenges expressing anger.

I draw on evidence-based approaches (predominantly Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and my primary aim is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for parents and children to explore their difficulties.

As you spend the most time with your child, it is a requirement in most instances at Lionheart Counselling that parents are actively involved in their child’s therapy and parents and children will be given tools to practice between sessions. This is because it can be difficult to see progress in therapy when parents are not actively involved in supporting, coaching and reinforcing strategies at home.

At this point sessions provided are via telehealth only, though there is limited availability for home visits within the Sutherland Shire (NSW), this can be discussed at the time of booking.